Greatness starts with one idea... The Artists Music Guild was established to help in the understanding, appreciation and to advance the contributions of the arts to American culture — from the artistic genius’ of the current day; to the technical legends of the past; and to those still unimagined artistic breakthroughs of future generations. The Guild accomplishes this mission through programs and activities that engage the artistic and cultural community as well as the general public. The Guild works in partnership year-round with artists to bring national attention to important issues such as the value and impact of the arts and education. We also emphasize the urgency of preserving our rich cultural heritage for the generations that will follow us.

The Guild contains professional artists (Grammy, Emmy, CMA winners) who continually give back to their communities. One of the ways the Guild gives back is through our mentoring activities. The Guild is a certified educational outlet that goes into the public school systems to help teachers educate students on the arts and it’s importance to our society as a whole. Guild members must agree to be a mentor in order to obtain membership. These artists are then placed at various times into the public school rooms to help teachers by teaching, vocal, music theory, stage performance, recording techniques, pro tools and many other wonderful skills that Guild members possess.

The Guild realizes that with budget cutbacks and financial crunches, many teachers do not have the proper funding needed to apply higher learning and appreciation of the arts. This is why our partnerships with the school boards and schools around the country are so precious to the Guild. It allows us to make a difference and to bring out the talent that could be our next superstar!

The Guild members work very hard at incorporating the youth into their performances and public venues. During the Guild’s yearly convention, we have a day of mentoring in which public school systems bring their vocal ensembles, choirs, actors, etc., and for that day these kids work alongside some of the best in the arts industry. They learn key skills about performance, vocal, stage presence among other things. These programs are geared to help teachers and program leaders to maintain a continued learning platform once they are back in their classrooms. We love what we accomplish through these efforts and teachers are thrilled to have the opportunity to add this program to their curriculum!

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