Over the course of legendary soul singer Candi Staton's 50-year career, she has seen more than her fair share of highs and lows. She’s scored hits in every decade of that span, in styles ranging from R&B (“I’m Just a Prisoner” and her iconic cover of Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by Your Man”) to disco (the oft-covered “Young Hearts Run Free” and her song-stealing version of the Bee Gees’ “Nights on Broadway”) to electronic dance music (“Hallelujah Anyway,” “You Got the Love”). Thank you, Candi, for your support of the Artists Music Guild.

Membership is vital to the Artists Music Guild, as our artist membership base is fundamental to everything we do. Artist members of the Artists Music Guild make up a collective voice and it's impact only increases with each new member. Together, we play a part in creating a better world for the arts and the communities we are a part of.

Why should I join the Artists Music Guild?
As the preeminent membership organization for musicians, producers, engineers, dancers, painters, authors and other industry professionals, our mission is to advance artistic and technical excellence, work to ensure a vital and free creative environment, and act as an advocate on behalf of the arts and it’s makers. It is the goal of the AMG to encourage members to help the Guild build an artistic brand, not only as members but as potential owners and partners of the brand. The Guild is not in place to work as a booking agent, manager or career developer, but instead as an organization that networks its members one with another and other industry professionals so that the artists themselves have a better focus on their career and can manage their careers without having to rely on others to do so. The Guild’s main function is to educate and to help artists find the right people to help them meet their career goals.

It is a proven fact that when an artist books a program or are being looked at to fulfill a venue’s needs, they look at the artist’s professional affiliations. Being a part of a wonderful community such as the Artists Music Guild will not only give the artist the clout they need, but will also show others that they are a part of a community that really cares for one another. We hope you will choose to join the Guild and allow us to introduce you to the last place you will ever have to go for answers and services.

Why are dues required?
The Guild functions just like any other business. We offer a great deal of services and we have to pay to operate just like any other business. We pay these to help keep the offices functioning as well as investing into something we believe in. All professional organizations that offer the services we do have dues schedules. You would not be a part of the Grammys, Emmys, CMA’s, Oscars or Tony’s without paying dues.

Artist membership requirements are based on the following membership levels:

Professional artist members hold the highest level of membership in the Guild. To be considered for a professional artist membership, one must:
  • Have a minimum of three commercially released projects
  • National distribution (cd baby, Amazon and Itunes qualify as national distribution outlets)
  • Radio exposure
  • Use their talents as their main source of income. Professional members must be full time performers.

All artist membership dues are automatically renewed on the 15th of January of each year.

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