The Artists Music Guild is the brainchild of several corporate CEO’s who have heard or witnessed the various horrors of how artists are continually taken advantage of in the industry they love so dearly.

The Guild is comprised of several corporations who have JOINED forces to offer artists every imaginable service at the lowest cost, while ensuring they are getting the most professional product. Artists will never have to worry about getting the best deals as long as they are a member of the Guild.

The Guild offers professional services through our service providers such as:

  1. Full HD video production (on and off site) that will help artists needing to do music or artistic videos to promote their talents.
  2. A fully staffed production and promotional company to help with all forms of entertainment needs.
  3. State of the art recording facilities that will bring out the best in any recording artist while keeping costs to a minimum.
  4. Direct links to radio distribution and airplay.
  5. Complete professional photography by one of the Countries leading photographers.
  6. Career mapping and business planning that will help any artist to learn how to manage their career more efficiently.
  7. Professional tax services
  8. In house legal services are available to all artists and members of the Guild.
  9. Placement of artists on television shows that the Guild books for.
  10. Product reproduction and packaging
  11. Merchant services (credit card and check processing)
  12. Banking and Retirement needs
  13. Insurance needs that address (both health and life)
The list goes on and on. These services are only available to our members and offered by companies that want to see the artists succeed without having to break the bank to do so.

PLEASE NOTE: The AMG is a partnership company and refers all of its work out to verified service providers to whom we trust to deal with our members. We do not engage in providing these services personally.

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